January 30, 2024

Ricketts Replies: Ricketts Addresses Nebraskans’ Concerns on Israel, Antisemitism

January 30, 2024

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senator Pete Ricketts (R-NE) released the first installment of his new video series, Ricketts Replies, where he responds on video to letters and emails from Nebraskans. This month, Ricketts addresses concerns from Linda in Nebraska City and Sheryl in Bellevue about Israel’s war against Hamas and rising antisemitism.

“Hamas is responsible for everybody who died on October 7th and everybody who has died since then because they started this war,”said Senator Ricketts. “Israel cannot tolerate Hamas on its border and Israel will be doing not only the state of Israel, but the United States a service… by wiping out a terrorist organization by the name of Hamas.”

“I will continue to support the state of Israel. It is – again – our strongest ally in the Middle East. They are a stable democracy,” Ricketts closed. “They are one of our best friends in the world, not just the Middle East. And we need to stand by our ally as they pursue this terrible war against Hamas.”

Ricketts Replies was announced in the Senator’s weekly column at the beginning of this year. Each month, Ricketts will read and respond on camera to a sampling of letters from constituents. Issues will vary and responses will be featured on Ricketts’ social media accounts and website.