Reining in Big Government

Reckless big government spending has left the nation with a crippling national debt. It will have severe consequences if not addressed soon. Washington’s blank check spending has led to higher consumer costs and interest rates. It has slowed economic growth and stifled opportunities for American families. Pete Ricketts believes continuing this path is unsustainable. 

When he was Governor, Pete told the state legislature that a balanced budget was their most important job. Throughout his two terms as Governor, Pete cut the growth in state spending by more half and held state budgets to an average of 2.8% growth annually. He was proud to do so while improving services to Nebraskans.

At the federal level, Pete is fighting wasteful legislation that leads to higher spending levels. He supports common-sense spending control to put our country on a more sustainable fiscal path. He believes this can be done while robustly funding our national defense and protecting essential government services.

Pete is also working to eliminate regulations and bureaucratic red tape that stifle opportunity and innovation. Additionally, he’s tackling big government failures in federal agencies that prevent citizens from receiving assistance in a timely manner. Pete and his team are committed to improving the level of service taxpayers receive from essential government services. From the State Department’s Passport Office, to the Department of Veterans Affairs to the Social Security Administration, Pete and his team are eager to help.

Pete is determined to fix the dysfunction and ineffectiveness that has paralyzed Congress in the past. He’s called for the return of regular order for the congressional appropriations process. Pete’s also been a vocal critic of Democrat leadership’s refusal to keep the Senate working Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm like most hard-working Americans.