December 29, 2023

Senator Ricketts’ Weekly Column: Connecting with Nebraskans : Introducing Ricketts Replies

December 29, 2023

Government should be open, effective, and responsive. It should serve taxpayers well. In our system, the best way to ensure a high level of customer service is for Americans to have meaningful, transparent communication with those who represent them. Since entering the Senate, I’ve made it a priority to offer Nebraskans a variety of ways to stay connected. This year I’ve held in-person meetings and events across Nebraska. Our team has hosted Mobile Office Hours in every Nebraska county. Quarterly telephone townhalls and Instagram Q&As allow folks to ask me questions directly from wherever they are. Nebraskans have multiple ways to share their perspective with me. Still, we can always do more. That’s why in 2024 I’m launching a new initiative to enhance our communication with Nebraskans: “Ricketts Replies.”

Your input is invaluable as I navigate the many policy debates in Washington, D.C. My office received tens of thousands of letters, emails, and messages from Nebraskans this year. They expressed the thoughts, concerns, and hopes of our state and our nation. My team and I work to ensure every Nebraskan who writes in receives a response from our office. Our new series, Ricketts Replies, will let your voice be heard and questions answered in a new way. 

Here’s how it’ll work: each month, I will read and respond on camera to a sampling of letters from constituents. The issues will range from the border crisis to the rising cost of living and more. These responses will be featured on my social media accounts and on my website. I hope this will provide another transparent forum for addressing your questions. I’ll share updates on policy matters and discuss the issues facing our country. Your stories matter. Your perspectives matter. Your good ideas will continue to guide me as I fight for Nebraska in the United States Senate.

Ricketts Replies will supplement the great work my team is already doing for constituents. In addition to meeting with Nebraskans on policy and legislative matters, our four permanent offices across the state offer a variety of constituent services for those navigating the federal bureaucracy. My team hosted Mobile Office Hours in all 93 counties to further assist Nebraskans with casework needs. We also launched a new feature on our website where you can request a Mobile Office Hour in your community.

As we navigate the complex challenges facing our nation, I believe everyone should have the opportunity to feel connected to the people who fight for them. My hope is that Ricketts Replies will strengthen the ties that bind us as Nebraskans. 

I’m excited for the conversations and insights that Ricketts Replies will bring as we work toward a more prosperous future for our country. Whether you have questions about proposed legislation, want to share your perspective on an issue, or are having problems navigating the bureaucracy, my team and I are here to serve you. Contact us anytime by phone at 202-224-4224 or on my website atwww.ricketts.senate.gov/contact. I’m honored to be your voice in Washington and will continue looking for ways to better serve you. Happy New Year!