Strengthening Families

Pete Ricketts believes strong families make stronger communities and a stronger country. Families are the central institution of society. They’re where life is created, values are instilled, and traditions are maintained.

As Governor, Pete cut maternity and childbirth healthcare costs. He supported pregnant mothers by establishing priority parking spots for expectant mothers and having nursing mothers’ rooms installed at state buildings. He created a new state employee benefit program that allowed teammates to donate unused vacation leave to support expectant mothers. He signed legislation to end the barbaric practice of dismemberment abortion. He also bolstered informed consent protections for moms.

As a member of the Pro-Life Caucus in the U.S. Senate, Pete is fighting to protect the sanctity of life. He supports legislation to ban federal taxpayer-funding for abortions. He’s also supports legislation to protect babies who survive abortion attempts. Additionally, Pete is working to make adoption more affordable.

As a father of three, Pete supports education policies that take the federal government out of the classroom. He believes in localized education with parental control at the forefront. He’s been a vocal supporter of school choice at both the state and federal level. 

Pete is also working to protect girls’ and women’s sports from radical policies that would allow men to compete against female athletes.