Boosting Nebraska Agriculture

Pete Ricketts believes agriculture is the heart and soul of Nebraska. It’s also the backbone of our state’s economy. Nebraskans continue to lead in agricultural production and innovation. Our farmers and ranchers feed and fuel the world.

Pete also believes food security is national security. Global supply chain disruptions during the pandemic reinforced a need to prioritize food production at home. 

As Governor, Pete signed dozens of bills to promote biofuels like ethanol, grow the livestock industry, and spur rural economic development. He also led trade missions to find new markets for Nebraska-made products. Pete championed the rights of landowners. He fought burdensome regulations like the Biden administration’s 30×30 plan and the expansion of Waters of the U.S. rules under Presidents Obama and Biden.

Pete is continuing that work in the U.S. Senate. He is fighting to protect Nebraska producers from detached-from-reality mandates. He’s also pushing back on out-of-touch federal regulations. He wants to bring transparency to cattle markets. He’s working to level the playing field for biofuels and support value-added agriculture infrastructure. Additionally, Pete supports strong crop insurance programs, voluntary incentive-based conservation programs, and reliable foreign market access for producers across the state.

Pete is a champion for Nebraska-produced renewable fuels like ethanol. Pete believes renewable fuels are a boost to Nebraska’s economy. They save consumers money at the pump, help the environment, and are great for farmers and ranchers. Pete is working on multiple pieces of legislation to make renewable fuels more widely available.