November 22, 2023

Ricketts: “Happy Thanksgiving, Nebraska!”

November 22, 2023

OMAHA, NE – Today, U.S. Senator Pete Ricketts (R-NE), released a video message in advance of Thanksgiving tomorrow. Ricketts wished Nebraskans a happy Thanksgiving and highlighted Nebraska’s outstanding community service.

Watch the video HERE.


Senator Ricketts: “Hi, this is Pete Ricketts, Senator for the great state of Nebraska. Thanksgiving provides an opportunity to come together with loved ones to express our gratitude for those who have paved the way before us and the principles and values that have guided us through our history.

“It is also a time to reflect on the true spirit of the season, by remembering those who are less fortunate.

“We’re blessed to live in a state filled with kind, generous people, quick to lend a hand to a neighbor in need. According to the AmeriCorps, more than 506,000 Nebraskans formerly volunteered 39.2 million hours of service through an organization in 2021. In addition, 66.4% of Nebraskans informally helped others by exchanging favors with their neighbors, making Nebraska the second-best state in the nation for such assistance.

“These acts of service are particularly helpful for many Nebraskans struggling with stress and sickness this holiday. Thank you to all those giving their time and treasure to help others enjoy a warm meal or overcome challenges.

“Thank you also to the brave women and men serving in the nation’s military, particularly those deployed overseas. We are grateful for your service and sacrifice and praying for your safe return home.

“On behalf of Suzanne and our entire family, Happy Thanksgiving, Nebraska!”