September 18, 2023

VIDEO: Ricketts Discusses Social Security Check Tax Cut Act with Seniors, Senators, & Stakeholders

September 18, 2023

OMAHA, NE – On Friday, U.S. Senator Pete Ricketts (R-NE) visited Richmont Senior Living in Bellevue and discussed his Social Security Check Tax Cut Act with seniors, State Senators, and other stakeholders.

“The Social Security Check Tax Cut Act will cut the federal tax on Social Security benefits by 20% over two years,” Ricketts said. “This would allow a typical senior to save $800 in 2025. That’s 187 gallons of milk or 208 gallons of gas at current prices – real relief in this time of rising costs and stubborn inflation. It would mean government stops taking money you earned, and are entitled to, out of your pocket. It brings the same policy we implemented in Nebraska when I was Governor to all Americans by eliminating the double tax on Social Security benefits.”

Video of Senator Ricketts’ opening remarks at the roundtable can be found here.

B-Roll footage of the event can be found here.

The Social Security Check Tax Cut Act, announced Thursday, begins a total phase out on federal taxes on Social Security benefits. The bill was modeled after a successful effort to eliminate state taxes on Social Security benefits initiated when Ricketts was Governor of Nebraska. The Social Security Check Tax Cut Act is the third piece of legislation in Ricketts’ “Proven Nebraska Solutions, Ready for America” package.  

Participants in the roundtable included:

  • State Senator Rita Sanders of Bellevue
  • State Senator Lou Ann Linehan of Elkhorn
  • Tony Fulton – Former Tax Commissioner, former State Senator, and Founder, Guardian Angels Homecare
  • Brett Lindstrom – Former State Senator and Senior Vice President, Relationship Manager, Bridges Trust
  • Jina Ragland – Associate State Director, Advocacy and Outreach, Nebraska AARP
  • Trish Bergman – Director, Eastern Nebraska Office on Aging
  • Rick Sanders – Owner, Richmont Village
  • Jennifer Pryjmak – Executive Director, Richmont Village
  • Annie Dyer – Executive Director, Richmont Terrace
  • Mindy Curington – Executive Director, Echo Hills
  • Micha Ives – Executive Director, Fallbrook (Lincoln)
  • Meagan Hayes – Sales Director, Fallbrook (Lincoln)
  • MaryLynne Bolden – CEO and Co-Founder, MJ Senior Housing Management Company
  • Jalene Carpenter – President and CEO, Nebraska Health Care Association
  • Donna Larsen – Resident, Richmont Village
  • Richard Mengler – Resident, Richmont Village