May 18, 2023

Definition of conservation still not being shared in 30×30 plan


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Few details are still being shared in regard to President Biden’s “America the Beautiful” initiative, formerly known as the “30X30” plan.

U.S. Senator Pete Ricketts spent time during a hearing of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works asking Martha Williams, Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, to define what conservation means in the initiative which seeks to conserve 30 percent of American’s land and waters by 2030.

Ricketts asked, don’t you need to have a definition of conservation to be able to say 30 percent of the United States is conserved?

“If there’s many ways to talk about conservation, how can you know that you actually reached the goal? If there’s many ways to talk about it, you could have a definition and I could have a definition, but that may mean we’re not at 30 percent in my view and are at 30 percent in your view.”

Ricketts said without a clear definition of conservation, this plan is either a partisan sham with no tangible goals, or a slippery slope to violating the property rights of Nebraskans.

He said reaching 30 percent would require restricting a land area the size of nine states of Nebraska by 2030.


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