Since the United States’ earliest days, the Maiden Speech is a major milestone in the careers of US senators. It’s an opportunity for lawmakers to lay out what they hope to achieve during their time in office… former Nebraska governor and appointed Nebraska senator Pete Ricketts was the inaugural member of his freshman class of senators to deliver a maiden speech… in his address, Ricketts stressed that Nebraska represents what America is supposed to be…saying washing D.C. can take a page from Nebraska when they are running their operations there… “that we do things right here. we really stick to our founding values; we have a small responsive government. we believe in personal freedoms. Washington DC we have a regulatory regime that is out of control. The Biden administration is trying to extend its authority in ways that were never meant to be done. we also have to get control of our spending, we’ve done those sorts of things here in Nebraska and we need to do them in Washington DC and really, that is how I hope to bring my experience as governor here to DC to help the country run better.” Ricketts maiden speech is not the only milestone he’s achieved recently as Ricketts offered an amendment for the authorization of use of military force… “that had been hanging out there since the Iraq war. and, we were really looking to make sure the administration has to ask for permission in the future when they want to do military operations. I thought that we should make sure that we are consulting our allies in the middle east about this so they know we’re not withdrawing from the middle east and that is what my amendment had to deal with.” Ricketts amendment was the first introduced by his freshman class… while the US senate was in recess Ricketts spent sometime back here in Nebraska officially opening a senate office in Scottsbluff Wednesday with a stop in North Platte before heading to York, Lincoln, and Omaha Thursday.

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